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The psalmist declares, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”  (Psalm 119:105)  The Bible is unlike all other books, not only in its grandeur and scope, but because its words are God’s Words.  The Bible presents to us God’s special revelation of Himself, His biased view of history past and future, the reality of who we are, and a picture of all that we can be.  Woven within its pages and spilling over is God’s redemptive plan for humanity, with Jesus Christ as centerpiece.  We do not study the Bible merely to accumulate head knowledge, but with the earnest expectation of knowing God more and drawing near to Him.  Each page has something for us, sometimes encouraging us, sometimes reproving us, always revealing God, and every jot and tittle a precious morsel for our souls.  Against the backdrop of a world encased in darkness, it is the light of truth that pierces through all the deceptions and puts reality in clear focus.


Every generation faces challenges, and the present generation is challenged about truth and whether any absolute truths are knowable.  Like all the ones before it, this generation needs to hear God’s Word taught boldly, with clarity, without apology, in grace and love.  And this generation needs to be reminded by those who teach that the Bible was written for everyone.  God has spoken with clarity so that all believers who come to the Bible yielded to what God has for them can know its truths as they grow and mature.  The aim here is to strike the proper balance between too little detail to elucidate the message and superfluous detail that obscures, so that this series is accessible and profitable to laypersons and teachers alike who seek to understand the author’s original intended meaning and the continuing relevance of that message today.  With this in mind, the Mission 119 Series is designed to provide guidance for the exposition of books of the Bible with depth and a commitment to a plain sense interpretation tethered first and foremost to the context and flow of argument of the book under consideration before comparison is made to other books and the perceived systematic theology of the Bible.  


Better With Jesus guide to Hebrews (available now on Amazon at this link)

Love, Romance and Intimacy guide to Song of Songs (available at this link)

Chase Jonah guide to the book of Jonah (available now on Amazon at this link)

Living Hope guide to the book of 1 Peter (available now on Amazon at this link)

Looking Forward, Living Now guide to the book of Zechariah (available on Amazon at this link)

Enduring Storms guide to the book of James (available on Amazon at this link)


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